Various planning services are provided ranging from a simple barchart to a fully detailed critical path program, together with control schedules, resources schedules, updating, progress analysis and reports.

A full planning and programming service is offered at any stage of the construction process from inception through design, construction, fitting out, commissioning to final handover of the project.

  • Training of site and project management personnel in computerised programming.
  • Serious and professional advice to management on interpreting the programs, schedules and reports and the ramifications of modifications to the original planned completion dates.
  • Professional and confidential advice to senior management on options for improving productivity and profitability in their business.
  • Most of our services are mobile whereby we travel to client’s offices, sites or other venues as required.
  • Total commitment to the successful completion of the project.

RWA offers a wide range of planning services at both tender and contract stage. These Services can be tailored to individual Client or Contract requirements, whether the requirement is to initially set up a program or assist the contractor in preparing his own program as well as preparing fortnightly or monthly updates and reports.

  • Liaise with your allocated Project Manager and Estimating Manager on the agreed methods and sequence of working before tender planning work commences.
  • Analysis the requirements of the tender submission documents.
  • Time risk analysis (related to the stipulated construction period)
  • Prepare the method statement based on the tender program.
  • Prepare the detailed tender submission program.
  • Prepare site establishment layout proposals.
  • Prepare Tower Crane layout proposals.
  • Prepare a schedule of major plant and site management proposals with the respective durations for P&G pricing.
  • Prepare tender planning/program presentation to accompany your tender submission.
  • Prepare based on the tender program a practical and realistic ‘Contract Master Program’ developed in conjunction with and agreement with your project management.
  • Prepare a detailed ‘Submittals and Approvals’ schedule based on the agreed Contract Master program.
  • Prepare a detailed ‘Information Required Schedule’ based on the agreed Contract Master Program.
  • Prepare ‘Materials Order Placing & Delivery Schedule’ based on the agreed Contract Master Program.
  • Prepare ‘Subcontractors Order Placing Schedule’ based on the agreed Contract Master Program.
  • Prepare a schedule (histogram) of the intended manpower resources based on the agreed Contract Master Program.
  • Prepare concrete placing program/histogram.
  • Bar Chart/Network Presentation Charts.
  • Update on a regular basis based of progress feed back from your project management related to the Contract Master Program.
  • Prepare fortnightly/monthly Progress Report in conjunction with your project management.
  • Maintain a record of base vs. actual start and completion dates.
  • Maintain as built progress programs and records.
  • Assist with the time impact analysis (TIA) for any delay claim in conjunction with your project management.
  • Update the ’Submittals & Approvals Schedule’.
  • Update the ‘Information Required Schedule’.
  • Prepare ‘Look Ahead Programs’.
  • Forecast sectional or contractual completion dates.
  • Assist the project team by way of recommendations and corrective action considered necessary to keep the project ‘on track’.
  • As-Built Analysis/Cause & Effect Analysis/Presentation.
  • Preparation of delay claim submissions based on records and information maintained and provided by the Main Contractor and related to the agreed Contract Master Program.
  • Time Impact Analysis (TIA) of the effects to the critical path activities on the contractual completion date or sectional completion dates.
  • Preparation of a delay claim program indicating each and every delay and the impact they have on the time for completion and prepare report.
  • Assist in the training of your project management team in the use of computerised planning and programming software.
  • Assist your site management team in the manner to record and capture site progress related to each activity ID number.


  • High & medium rise commercial projects.
  • High & medium rise hotel projects.
  • High & medium rise apartment projects.
  • Shopping centre’s & fitting out works.
  • Hospitals/health care.
  • Schools/Education Centres.
  • Industrial-factories & warehousing.
  • Engineering workshops.
  • Prisons/correctional services facilities.
  • Major renovation/alteration projects.
  • Low cost housing/housing.
  • Spec Houses.
  • Harbours.
  • Airport buildings.