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RWA is a planning, programming and time-management consultancy providing essential services to main contractors, specialist subcontractors, architects, building owners and property developers. RWA offers flexible planning and programming services geared to meet each client’s individual requirements, on a short or long term basis. Where required, RWA will draw on the services of other associated professionals to assist with specific planning and programming tasks.

RWA’s services are based on the invaluable experience and knowledge gained on a wide range of multi-million dollar international construction projects and as a result, has unmatched competency in planning and programming projects in value from a few million Rands to multi-million dollar projects.

RWA’s expertise therefore lies in the careful and detailed planning, time management and delivery of a successful project to completion. Central to this is the communication of the right information at the right time to the right people for the project to complete on time.


RWA believes that the key to a successful project is in the initial planning.
Creating a project plan and program is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of construction project.

Often project planning is ignored in favour of just getting on with the work.
However, many companies and people fail to realise the value of a well prepared and agreed project plan in saving time, money, possible delays and future problems.


Roger Webster & Associates (RWA) was established in 2006 to provide a professional planning, programming and time management service to contractors, developers, subcontractors and the professional design teams who do not have such experience or expertise within their own organisation.

Roger is British by birth, but has lived and worked for considerable periods of his life in the UK, South and southern Africa; and internationally in the Middle East, being involved in various major construction projects.

Roger has decades of professional experience within the construction industry, in construction and project management, specialising in providing a construction planning, programming and time management service to the construction industry.


Completion on time to achieve the planned target dates or contract date can for many reasons be threatened by a number of potential problems. Unless the project team including the client, professional design team and contractor have made allowances for such problems in the baseline program and are dedicated in the monitoring of progress, irrecoverable delays can occur. Problems are very often compounded when the project must be constructed within a very tight schedule requiring design and construction to run parallel.


Planning and programming are the main skills which RWA provides. We have assisted many contractors in the planning/programming and timely completion of construction projects in South Africa, North Africa, Central Africa and the Middle East.

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